Though it might be a sensitive issue to profile suburbs based on its
ethnicity, Australian agree that certain Ethnic groups prefer to populate
certain Melbourne suburbs.

Usually, ethnic groups are associated with the suburb in which they first
settled in. Melbourne suburbs profile is an attempt to profile certain
suburbs in Melbourne based on its ethnicity. This should help many new
immigrants to Melbourne who prefer to live near their friend, shops that
sell their usual food and schools that understands their cultures. Many
public schools for instance ensure that Muslim students are not offered
pork containing food.
Check the Muslims in Melbourne page here.

This is what makes Australia in general and Melbourne in specific the
best place to live in; harmony and tolerance. Most ethnic groups prefer to
live where their people of their religion or ethnic background live in.
our Religion in Melbourne page here.

•        Italian - (Carlton/Brunswick)
•        Macedonian - (Thomastown)/(St Albans)
•        Indian - (south eastern suburbs such as Hampton Park and Narre
Warren, north western suburbs, south western suburbs)
•        Greek - (Oakleigh, Northcote and Hughesdale, interspersed in
northern and eastern suburbs)
•        Sri Lankans - (Dandenong, Endeavour Hills, Lynbrook, Hallam, South
eastern suburbs, north western suburbs)
•        Vietnamese - (Richmond, Springvale, Footscray, northwestern and
south eastern suburbs)
•        Jewish - (North Caulfield, Caulfield, St. Kilda East, southeastern
•        Middle Eastern - (northern and southwestern suburbs)
•        Maltese - (Sunshine)
•        Bosnian, Serb and Croat - (St Albans)/(Springvale)
•        Filipino - (Hoppers Crossing)
•        Turkish - (Broadmeadows)
•        Lebanese - (Coburg)
•        Russian - (Carnegie)
•        Spanish - (Fitzroy)
•        North African - (Flemington)
•        Sub-Saharan African - (Noble Park).

Collingwood is Melbourne's second largest Gay village featuring several
gay oriented entertainment venues. Also gays concentrate in the bayside
and southern suburbs around St Kilda and trendy South Yarra, with a
scattering of venues in other areas.

Sydney is a natural alternative to Melbourne. Check living in Sydney

Check this ranking of Melbourne best suburbs as introduced by ninmsn.

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